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Smyrna and the state of  Tennessee has a serious health problem with 32.8% of adults considered obese. In the year 2000, 20.9% of adults were obese which shows a major climb in the weight gain epidemic. The medical staff at Vitality offers a selection of weight loss products at each store, in addition to great products online. In the state of  Tennessee, we are able to provide recommendations for highly effective weight loss products.

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Former Mr. America, Dean Tornabene created Thermosculpt Pro and Time Release Booster as a solution to the weight gain and sluggish metabolism that most adults experience. Instead of just relying on one or two products, Dean combined Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Piperine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Yohimbe HCL, White Willow Extract, DMAE, L-Theanine, Octopamine, Synephrine HCL and much more, for the best results. Since we don’t always respond to the same weight loss minerals, Deans blend offers a blend that is both well researched and supported by weight loss experts. As a Nutritionist and Diet Expert, Dean formulated these products to help others to burn fat that offer a wide variety of benefits.

When most of us hit the age of 30, our metabolism have already started to slow down causing weight gain. Add in a busy work life, busy family life to this metabolic change, and you have weight gain. This is where ThermoSculpt Pro can help…

  • Increased Metabolic Rate and “Ketosis”

  • Maximized Fat Burning

  • Increase in Lean Body Mass

  • Increase Energy

  • 100% Organic

  • 100% Guaranteed


This graph shows a significant increase in weight loss using ThermoSculpt Pro and Time Release Booster, in just a few weeks. By combining the 2 products, there is a fat loss of over 1000%. These are great clinical results for an over the counter product that is both safe and effective for men and women. It is important to note that the weight reduction scale is in “kilograms” which equals to 2.2 pounds per kilogram!

Why is ThermoSculpt Pro better than all of the other products? Since there is not a “one pill” weight loss solution, and dosage will determine how much of the active ingredients we receive, the answer is simple. We need more than one ingredient, and a higher dosage to provide the best results. Since Dean has added in some of the best and clinically proven fat burners in this product, you are getting a more comprehensive approach. If one or two ingredients don’t help, there are plenty more to jump in and do the job. Even high cost prescriptions often don’t address metabolism, fat burning and energy all at the same time.

By combining both products, you get the best of both worlds of safe fat burning and weight loss. Each bottle has a special formulation of ingredients for different purposes. You can feel the difference the first week, if not in just a few days.


Catrina – Actual ThermoSculpt customer


Get help losing weight with a clinically proven product that offers the best formula for natural fat burning.

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