Is CBD Oil Legal in Indiana

Since March 2018, CBD oil containing not more than 0.3 percent THC has been legal in Indiana. Anyone can buy, possess, and sell any amount if it meets labeling requirements and contains no more than 0.3 percent THC. The same law also requires any CBD oil manufacturers to have their products tested by third-party organizations. Indiana has a zero-tolerance law for driving under the influence of drugs. Anyone using a large amount of CBD oil may test positive for THC when stopped for a traffic violation. Additionally, many employers still require mandatory drug screenings, and CBD can register as a fail. Also, having the CBD hemp plant can still get you in trouble. If you get pulled over and hemp is found in your car, it could lead you to being arrested even if it is later discovered the plant is not THC marijuana. You could also still be required to pay any towing or impound fees.

CBD oil can be found in most vaping shops, some beauty salons, health-related businesses, and online. Doctors in Indiana cannot prescribe CBD oil because the dosage is not standardized. However, there are no laws preventing doctors from recommending CBD as a treatment, they just cannot officially prescribe it. Indiana has no laws against giving CBD to your pets, but it should be noted that the effects of CBD on pets is not well understood. Indiana has no medical marijuana program.