Is CBD oil legal in Tennessee

Since 2016, individuals may possess CBD oil obtained outside Tennessee that is certified by the manufacturer as having no more than 0.9% THC. Possessors are required to have a “legal order or recommendation” from the other state and a note from a Tennessee doctor that they or a family member have been diagnosed with intractable epileptic seizures. Patients must also be enrolled in an approved clinical trial to receive legal protection.

The actual sale of CBD oil in Tennessee is not legal so any prescriptions must be bought from out of state. As of now, the only viable medical condition that can warrant a CBD prescription are seizures. The exact amount a patient is allowed to possess at any one time is determined by an authorized neurologist.
However, the growth and sale of industrial hemp are legal as long as THC concentrations are less than 0.3% and that they are licensed by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. this means that any home grows of marijuana or hemp is illegal and can be punished by law.