Skin Tightening

Vitality is proud to offer our professional laser skin tightening treatment, performed by an actual Physician with many years of experience!

No longer only available in Beverly Hills and Palm Beach, our ReFirm Skin Tightening treatment is one of the newest procedures in the industry.

Untouched in results compared to other skin tightening devices, ReFirm uses FDA cleared inventions that combine Infrared Light and Radio Frequency. It boasts of a No Pain skin tightening experience and provides a safe and effective outcome for those who experience wrinkled skin, sagging cheeks, crows feet, eye bags, forehead, loose jowels and more.

The ultimate result is new collagen and stimulated elastin within the skin, creating the optimal “anti-aging” outcome. Most of our customers enjoy results just half way through their package.

Vitality Med Spa is proud to offer ReFirm performed by an experienced Doctor to help restore the natural beauty of your skin. In fact, Vitality has performed THOUSANDS of Refirm Skin Tightening procedures with incredible feedback and results!

How would you look with tighter skin and fewer wrinkles?

Vitality is now offering ReFirm at Half Price! Call for more details.