Is CBD oil legal in Kansas

CBD oil from any source is legal in Kansas if it contains no THC. The state legislature had voted down a medical marijuana program. As of now, only THC-free CD oil is legal without a license. However, since the sale of CBD products is unregulated still, it is possible o buy “THC-free” CBD-oil that actually has some THC and you can get caught and charged. However, in most cases, police will not charge people with unregulated CBD.

In 2018, Kansas lawmakers passed an initiative to allow the use of CBD-oil with up to 5% THC for the treatment of certain debilitating conditions. The bill adds that people who are charged with CBD possession can be exempt from legal penalization provided they can show they have a severe medical condition and that they are using CBD to treat that condition. Lastly, the new law corrects older laws that could result in the removal of children from parents that use CBD to treat their conditions. This law will go into full effect on July 1, 2019.