Lab Testing

In order to troubleshoot car problems, every mechanic will need to look under the hood and even check the oil. This can give them a good idea of what is happening inside, which allows for efficient diagnosis of the problem. The human body is similar as we need to do bloodwork to help troubleshoot health concerns, or even get a head start on preventing future diseases or illnesses.

Whether its a wellness check up, hormone panel or you need to check your fasting glucose, lab work is a part of finding the right solution for you. Vitality now offers low-cost, cash Lab Services in the Phoenix area 38331449_sat our locations in Mesa, Scottsdale and Peoria. We have many patients that are either cash pay, or use their HSA card to pay for services. We know that it is important to keep lab pricing low and convenient for our patients. This is why our lab prices are 30-50% less than the larger labs, although we use the same testing protocols. Our goal is to be low cost and respect that our patients are busy, and have other things to do. The average lobby wait time is 5 minutes and the average draw time is less than 8 minutes per patient.

Although we offer thousands of individual tests, here are a few common tests that we run for our patients…

  • Mens hormone panel
  • Female hormone panel
  • Thyroid panel
  • Fasting glucose, Insulin
  • Vitamin D, B12
  • Lipid panel
  • General health panel

If you are needing bloodwork, whether for your own curiosity or recommended by your Doctor, Vitality Medspa can help. We offer clean clinics with friendly staff that are always willing to assist. Call the nearest Vitality to see when you can stop in and get your bloodwork started…

Mesa     480.854.8000

Scottsdale   480.948.3050

Peoria    623.792.5800