Is HCG really an effective Weight Loss product?

Is HCG really an effective Weight Loss product?


The problem with losing weight is that it isn’t easy. It is something that requires sacrifice and hard work, or does it? Those looking to drop a couple of pounds are constantly on a search for a miracle pill that will make taking off weight not punishing. There is an endless search both by the diet industry and those individuals who need to lose weight, for a pill that can speed up the metabolism and make you lose weight with very little effort. Recently HCG has come to the forefront as a viable weight loss supplement for those who are struggling with the traditional way to lose weight, but is it really a substance that should be taken for weight loss use, or not?


What is HCG?


HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin a hormone that is produced in a woman’s body after an egg is fertilized by sperm following conception. When a fertilized egg implants itself into the uterine wall, HCG is the hormone that is responsible for the formation of the placenta which is the life source for the growing life that has begun. It is also a hormone that is produced when there is tumor activity in the body, although it is still unclear to those in the medical community whether cancer is a cause of the production, or an effect of it. It is a substance which has been shown to have a positive effect for those who are trying to lose weight.


What is the HCG weight loss theory?


In the 1970s there were individual studies done on the effects of HCG on pregnant women and obese boys. It was concluded by several studies that HCG was a substance that was correlated with weight loss that was attributed to fat rather than to lean muscle mass. It was hypothesized that the HCG was signaling the hypothalamus to retain the lean muscle mass while burning fat since the body was being triggered to protect the growing fetus. HCG was said to aid in the targeting of adipose fat over lean muscle mass promoting rapid weight loss over the general population. It was hypothesized that when trying to lose weight, taking the supplement HCG helps the body to burn fat stores instead of burning lean muscle mass. In being able to retain lean muscle mass, reduction in calories does not affect the metabolism in any adverse way.


How does the HCG diet work?


HCG is affective as a supplement when it is combined with a reduction in calories. By limiting the calories that an individual consumes, the addition of HCG aids the body in triggering the burning of fat stores and deposits instead of merely using the energy that is readily available, or lean muscle mass which can happen when you cut calories as a part of a weight loss regime.


The HCG diet is a diet that combines HCG supplementation with a decrease in calories. It is an effective way of burning a large amount of calories for more rapid weight loss than when losing weight without supplementation.


Is HCG safe for use?


It is has been shown that HCG is effective to target rapid weight loss, but there has been questions about the potential of it being harmful to those who are supplementing with it. Taking HCG for long-term use is not recommended, but taking it for short term use and a part of a weight loss plan has shown little side effects or risks for individuals.


Arising as a form of weight loss diet plan, the “HCG Diet” requires that individuals take the supplement along with limiting their calorie intake. In doing so, weight loss is expedited. The benefits of losing weight are far greater than any of the risks associated with taking HCG supplementation. Obesity and being overweight are linked with many adverse health effects, so any weight loss program which does not put the individual at risk far overweighs any potential side effects.




The studies done in the 1970s point to the effectiveness of HCG in weight loss and lean muscle retention. HCG has been proven to aid the body in targeting fat stores and adipose fat stores.When taking a supplement it is important not only to know the effectiveness of it for what you intend to use it for, but also to guarantee its safety. In HCG use, increased weight loss has been shown in tens of thousands of individual cases around the world. Additionally, thousands of weight loss clinics worldwide continue to recommend HCG for those needing a fast weight loss program.