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Buy a 30 Day supply of our Professional Grade Diet Drops for only $49!

Our patients lose 3-6 lbs per week with our Medical Grade Diet Drops Formula. Our new blend of Weight Loss Drops is proving to be our best product yet. Still safe and more effective.

SHL_HCG-Plus_Drop_LgDiet drops can be found anywhere! Health food stores, Gyms, street vendors, friends, eBay and more. Considering that many Diet drops that are circulating actually originate from China and India, it can be a risky move to buy an unproven blend. Many providers may have a US made label on their bottle but with ingredients that were made over seas. Buying Diet Drops from an a non-medical business can be dangerous. There is no way of knowing what you are taking and how it will affect your body. Vitality Med Spa is proud to offer our professional grade of Weight Loss Drops that provides a comprehensive approach to losing weight and keeping it off. Not only is our blend the real thing, it is only available through one of our companies. You cannot buy the same product from other companies on the internet! We have researched and studied to find the best mixture that can be more effective and compliant at the same time. Our formula of Diet  Drops manufactured in a GMP certified facility where there are rigid standards and random testing that occurs to ensure perfection.


Our blend  also contains essential ingredients for weight loss, which we use every day in our clinics. Other forms  simply offer a watered down version or a generic copy that is not put to the test. Patients who have both used our diet drops and the “others” have noted that the generic and mystery drops could not compare to our medical grade drops. Additionally, many patients have noted that although they lost significant weight, they often felt the effects of the supporting ingredients! Without a thorough approach to weight loss and overall health, it is common for people to gain the weight back with other products. Our form of Diet Drops can help address the underlining causes of weight loss, not just help you lose weight for a couple of months.

When using our Diet Drops with, most patients lose weight successfully when combining our product with the Dr. Simeons HCG protocol. Dr Simeons created the longest lasting diet that includes natural foods along with HCG. He discovered the secrets to Ketosis and how to mobilize fat cells to be used as energy. He believed that his patients could burn thousands of calories per day if they would follow his diet plan. This approach worked for thousands of men and women that he treated for weight loss. Some were morbidly obese and desperately needed his care. Dr Simeons patients lost 1-2 pounds per day which was unheard of nearly 60 years ago. Now, the same approach is being used with our formula.

Why our Weight Loss Drops are different:

  • Made with higher potency ingredients, requiring less drops, less frequently each day
  • It is the only product that is used in our medical clinics and has been recommended to help thousands of men and women lose weight.
  • Made in the US with high quality standards

Each bottle includes a professionally made guide booklet with complete diet and program instructions.

Our Diet Drops include Free Shipping anywhere in the US and low-cost shipping globally.

Buy our professional grade Drops for Only $49 for a 30 day supply and only $20 for a second bottle. Retail is $75 per bottle! That is over a 30% off retail pricing.

30 Day Supply Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Drops 60 Day Supply Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Drops 90 Day Supply Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Drops


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