Dr Oz and the HCG Diet

If the HCG diet is anything, its controversial. It entered into the mainstream years ago as the next fad diet and it stuck. In 2013, the HCG diet program is one of the most discussed. However, just like when it was first introduced, the diet still has both people that love it and hate it.

To make it clear, there is feedback on this particular diet from people that have used it and from people that speculate on its effectiveness and overall safety. Some of these comments may be more valuable than others. For example, feedback provided from people that have tried the HCG diet with or without positive results may have a valuable input. However, those that automatically turn away from this diet should not have their views factored in too much.

What Is The HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is a diet program which consists of two fundamentals:

1) HCG drops or injections – the HCG hormone is injected or taken via drops, which puts the same hormone into your body that the female body makes while pregnant. This essentially tricks the body into believing it is pregnant. Beneficial for weight loss? Totally – it causes fat stores to be released.

2) 500 calories per day – the HCG diet also requires its users to follow a 500 calorie per day intake for the duration of the program. HCG dieters are allowed to increase this intake to 550 calories, but the idea is to keep it completely low. This, combined with the HCG drops or injections will send your body into weight loss “overdrive” and the results will be immense.

Many that have went onto the HCG diet have noticed as much as, or more than, one pound lost per day while on the diet. Users also reported that cravings and feelings of hunger subsided mostly within the first week. While the low calorie diet is by no means easy to maintain, the HCG use will advance your results and guarantee to make sticking to the diet much easier.

Who Is Dr. Oz?

It is important for everyone to know exactly who Dr. Oz is before you begin to even consider listening to what he has to say about the HCG diet.

Here are five quick facts about Dr. Oz:

1) He first gained mainstream recognition from regular appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which lead to his debut in 2011 alongside Dr. Phil and Suze Orman for weekly appearances on Opraha’s All Stars.

2) He obtained an undergraduate degree from Harvard University in 1982, and then went on to receive both MD and MBA degrees in 1986 after graduating from Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

3) He began working as a professor for Columbia University’s Department of Surgery in 2001.

4) He started hosting his own show, “The Dr. Oz Show” in 2009 and has aired over 700 episodes with a very strong following.

5) He is a qualified and experienced cardiothoracic surgeon and has published multiple health-related books throughout his career.

What Does Dr. Oz Have To Say About The HCG Diet?

By now you have at least a basic idea on who Dr. Oz is and an idea on his credentials. Now you likely want to know what his opinion is on the HCG diet.

Here are five quick quotes from Dr. Oz in regards to the HCG diet:

“I recognized there are some real legitimate folks out there who seem to be successful with this particular diet. I got curious,” – Going into the show, Dr. Oz was not a believer in the HCG diet program. After seeing the success stories, it made the diet plan open for interpretation.

“Is it possible there’s truth to what is happening with this HCG diet protocol which may throw open a vista of opportunities for all of us and help the numerous Americans who want to lose fat?” Dr. Oz started to question whether the diet is really ineffective or if there is an actual reason for the results that so many are seeing while on this diet.

“Sometimes the experience of real people doesn’t agree with the science. And sometimes it is because the science hasn’t evolved.” Dr. Oz recognizes that there are rare circumstances where new sciences are found and at times they may not be observed as real because the current science protocols do not support it.

“When we see real people achieve results that work, we within the medical profession must pay attention,” Dr. Oz recognizes that sometimes results speak for themselves and automatically rejecting the idea of the HCG diet protocol providing results may not be the way to go.

I am feeling more comfortable. I do feel theres still a lot we have to learn about why it works, but I’ve got to say it makes a big difference to a lot of people, and it seems to very carefully allow you to lose weight without burning a lot of muscle. Thats a big deal! – Dr. Oz has grown more open to the idea of the HCG diet truly being effective and safe and truly sees the powerful effects that it can have, but acknowledges that more studies need to be conducted to have conclusive facts on HCG for weight loss.

Conclusion: What Does Dr. Oz Think About The HCG Diet?

In the end, Dr. Oz stands firm as a believer in the HCG diet. He does acknowledge that there is room for further research on these products before cementing them as safe and effective. However, with the large amount of success to date it is definitely hard to go against the claims for the HCG diet. He also believes that the HCG drops are not nearly as effective as the HCG injections, standing by the theory that HCG drops would not really do anything to trigger weight loss.

With that in mind, anyone that considers pursuing the HCG diet should follow the advice of Dr. Oz and inform their physician so they are supervised throughout the entire diet program.