Men's Hormones

Vitality is proud to offer focused Hormone Therapy for Men. Our Doctors treat hundreds of men each month and have special training with a variety of health concerns. In fact, most men that come here have found that our areas of specialty are not often provided by primary care physicians.

Among other hormones, our Doctors have treated thousands of Men in Arizona for low testosterone. Mens testosterone levels until recently has been overlooked or taboo . . . except by our Doctors. We have always believed that normal testosterone levels in men can change lives and restore over health and Vitality, more than just about anything else.

Vitality’s Mens’s Health physicians are currently treating for:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Low libido
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Muscle loss
  • Low motivation
  • Sleeping issues
  • Irritability
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
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Our Doctors can utilize a variety of methods to treat these issues by way of Hormone Balancing, Medications, Natural Supplementation, Neurotransmitter Treatments and more. Men’s Testosterone and Hormones It is not widely accepted but men do have hormone imbalances. In fact, men have the same hormones as women, but different amounts. Most men are not aware of an imbalance until they either read about it online or are informed about it from a friend. Having imbalanced hormones can slowly start to hinder work, home and your personal life, and may become a serious health concern if not addressed. Vitality has physicians with years of experience in treating a wide variety of men’s hormone problems.

Our Doctors are treating Men for Testosterone, Thyroid, DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone, Adrenal, Cortisol, Melatonin imbalances and more. Hormone consultations are only $95.  Vitality offers standard hormones and Bio-identical hormones. Both have been found to be very effective although Bio-identicals have recently become more popular.

A consultation can provide important details and costs for each form of administration. Men’s Testosterone – Hypogonadism and Low T Hypogonadism in men is an increasingly recognized health condition that is best described as a reduced or absent secretion of testosterone from the testes. Men’s testosterone with reduced levels can lead to health problems and significantly impair quality of life. Some men describe themselves as feeling “old” or “worn out”. 

Common side effects of hypogonadism include decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, low energy, muscle loss and weakness, depression, cardiac risk and an elevated risk of osteoporosis.  Recent estimates show that approximately 13 million men in the United States experience men’s testosterone deficiency and less than 10% receive treatment for the condition. Men’s testosterone therapy in many cases can address Hypogonadism in a relatively short amount of time. 

The benefits of Testosterone Testosterone is an important hormone and often overlooked. Testosterone levels often decrease while men are in their 30’s, causing them to experience: low libido, inability to increase muscle, low energy, Erectile Dysfunction, low drives or motivation, poor sleeping habits, poor memory, low endurance and even depression. Sometimes, Men complain of just not feeling well or that they feel their body is aging faster than their age. 

Experience does matter when it comes to effective testosterone treatments. It is common for our patients to have had testosterone care elsewhere, only to experience symptoms pertaining to excessive estrogen. Some complain of excessive fatigue, breast tenderness and abnormal emotional concerns like depression or anxiety. The truth is, testosterone can be converted to estrogen in high quantities, and literally can occupy testosterone receptor sites throughout the body. When this occurs, estrogen will block testosterone which is now useless, causing a hormonal imbalance. It will not matter how Free Testosterone is available if estrogen is occupying receptor sites that were intended for testosterone. Recent data has shown that too many men over the age of 60 are circulating more estrogen than testosterone. This can have significant negative effects on men causing them to feel unhealthy, although they may be eating right and even exercising. 

The conversion of testosterone to estrogen is called Aromatization. A properly trained physician can provide the right product or prescription to help the body reduce the aromatizing of testosterone to estrogen. Our pharmacies always stock proven products that our Doctors utilize to help in this treatment. Our Doctors are specifically trained in dealing with and treating potential effects of testosterone treatment in order for you to reinstate your vitality. It is widely accepted that testosterone levels and libido are closely associated. Men that complain of having little or no sex drive is one of the most common concerns that hear in regards to men’s health. Low libido can influence a marriage or a personal relationship with a loved one, leading to additional stress and even depression. 

Our Doctors have a very high success rate in men that are struggling with libido in a relatively short amount of time. We provide a variety of affordable solutions and options to safely improve libido. Many experts believe that testosterone can help prevent osteoporosis in men. A New England Journal of Medicine said that testosterone can improve bone thickness, especially in the spine. Because testosterone can help bone formation, it can help slow down the bone thinning and may reduce calcium loss. 

Testosterone treatment may be essential for older adult men with low levels, as they are twice as likely to break a hip as men with normal testosterone levels. Studies have shown that testosterone can help protect men from heart disease. Researchers say testosterone replacement may help prevent heart disease in men with low testosterone. Men with diabetes and low testosterone levels were more likely to develop plaque in their arteries, which can lead to heart disease and stroke. Additionally, men with heart disease are twice as likely to have low testosterone than men without heart disease. In 1996 the New England Journal of Medicine followed three groups of men. The first group was given testosterone and a specific strength training program to follow. The second group was given testosterone and was instructed to not participate in any form of exercise. The third group was not given a prescription of testosterone, but was given a specific training program. The conclusion was very predictable, the first group that exercised while on testosterone gained muscle and lost the most fat. 

However, the group which took testosterone without exercise actually had greater improvement in muscle and fat composition than the group which trained without it. Many of the symptoms related to Low T can be reduced or completely eliminated with expert hormonal care. Most of our male patients start to feel better within one to two weeks. For a Free confidential consultation in person or by phone, email us at Growth Hormone Therapy Growth Hormone is another fundamental hormone that declines as we age. Also known as GH, this hormone is produced by the pituitary gland which controls the growth of children as well as the growth of tissues and organs. GH plays a key role in our metabolism which is how our body converts food to energy. The amount of GH in the blood fluctuates during the day and levels are influenced by stress, sleep, diet and exercise. Although a decline in GH is normal with age, a excessive drop can cause a reduction in bone density, an increase in body fat, a lesser ability to exercise, unhealthy skin and hair and more. Safe and natural methods to increase GH deficiency are available for those that qualify. Contact Vitality for more information.

What Are Your Options??

Option A

See one of our Physicians and get your bloodwork started. This is the most effective way to get the ball rolling. In order to understand how much testosterone you will need, we need to have a starting point and identify baseline levels. Call and schedule a Hormone Consultation with the Vitality Medspa nearest you. More than likely we can get you in to see a Doctor in less than a week.

Testosterone Supplements

WARNING: Most T-Boosters are made by mystery labs and pose a risk to your health. There are countless knock-offs and filler products that can cause adverse effects. We have seen men with very bad bloodwork as a result of taking a poor quality testosterone booster. We offer REAL medical grade Testosterone Boosters that are safe, effective and able to help you increase levels long term.

Try a medically recommended Testosterone Booster. It can make the difference between not difference, to a noticeable improvement in as short as a week. Save money and time and go with professional grade supplementation.