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Welcome to Vitality, your affordable choice for specialized Arizona weight loss (including HCG programs), Hormone Balancing and professional Skin care. Our weight loss doctors treat hundreds of men and women each week with great success. Instead of a 5 minute visit with a nurse or an assistant, new patients will sit down with one of our highly experienced weight loss Doctors for a 30 minute consultation. This is where our Doctors create a plan based on you and your budget.

If you have done a medical weight loss program or an HCG weight loss program in the past, but seldom saw the Doctor, then you will love our programs! Most of our patients take advantage of seeing our weight loss Doctors EVERY WEEK, with no extra charge!

We offer 4 different weight loss programs, and can cater each one to fit your needs. If you are looking for a custom approach that addresses your individual needs, Vitality Medspa is the best choice. Our Doctors have specific training on the hormonal imbalances that can cause changes in your metabolism, appetite and body composition. We believe that real weight loss is about understanding the cause and all factors that have lead to the weight loss to begin with. This has allowed us to treat tens of thousands over the years with a very high success rate.

Vitality believes that a good Botox and Juvederm injector is hard to find. This is why we offer 3 of the best injectors in Arizona. At each location, an expert injector can help you reach your anti-aging goals, safely and at a fair price. Our Botox and Juvederm experts have years of experience with superior results and great feedback from

customers that have continued to return over the years.

At Vitality, we also offer a high-potency Vitamin B12 shot for only $12 with no appointment necessary! We also offer specialized fat burner shots that use multiple ingredients to burn fat without requiring exercise or strict dieting. These shots have helped thousands of our customers lose weight every month. Weight loss can vary from 4-6 pounds per month.

LIz – Hormone, Weight Loss & Botox Specialist

Vitality Medspa also offers the best options for Testosterone therapy for men & women in Arizona. We have both synthetic and natural bio-identical hormones available in shot and pellet form. We also offer options to help boost the body’s natural Testosterone production. This consists of oral medical supplementation or in injection form. The best part of our Arizona testosterone plans is the price. We are on average 20-30% less than other clinics. Our pricing structure is simple and we do not have multiple and hidden fee’s.

Each location of Vitality Medspa stores hundreds of medical grade products to help support you in your new health endeavors. The best part about our in-house pharmacy is that each product is real medical and professional grade. You will not find these products at a nutrition or grocery store. They are made in a real FDA certified facility with rigid quality guidelines and randomly checks products to ensure perfection. These labs have on-staff scientists that take the time to create the best medical supplements on the market. We currently carry products to help you to improve sleep, boost your adrenal glands, strengthen the thyroid, balance mens and women’s hormones, improve immunity to sicknesses and products to improve digestion. Other common products are medical grade fish oils, multivitamins and skin/hair supplements.

We have 3 convenient hormone balancing and Arizona weight loss clinics now serving Mesa, Scottsdale, Peoria, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Fountain Hills, Glendale, Sun City, Surprise, Good Year, Apache Junction, Estrella Park, Anthem, Avondale and more.

Mesa 480.854.8000

Scottsdale 480.948.3050

Glendale 623.792.5800



  1. James Helhowski - Reply

    Hello, I was there years ago but would like to start supplementing with testosterone. I am 40 years old and my last blood draw showed T levels in the “normal” range, but way at the lower end, and I definitely dont feel as “normal” as I should. I live in Michigan now. Are you still able to help? Thanks

    • Vitality Medspa - Reply

      Hello, we sure can help you. Call us today at 480.854.8000 and we can get you taken care of. Thanks!

    • Vitality Medspa - Reply

      Hi James. We would love to discuss your health. Please call us at 480.854.8000 on Monday. Talk to you then!

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