Advancements in weight loss are hard to recognize with all the hyped products and fad diets. In fact, it is very easy for a celebrity endorsed weight loss fad to overshadow an actual, fact-based, real world medical weight loss aid. But occasionally, we find something that is backed by research, the FDA or is a method that has worked for tens of thousands of our own patients. Semaglutide, also known as Ozempic, is the latest arrival in a successful weight loss aid, which does not require any special diet or sacrifice to see results.

Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide receptor antogonist which basically improves glycemic control in the pancreas. Semaglutide will delay gastric emptying by reducing glucogon secretion which reduces appetite, lowers sugar cravings and improves overall ability to control eating habits.

Benefits of taking Semaglutide once a week...

  1. Improved sleep
  2. Weight loss
  3. Reduced appetite
  4. Improved fertility
  5. Reduction in PCOS symptoms
  6. Increases sugar metabolism

The New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study of over 1900 adults to identify if Semaglutide would actually help in weight loss, and by how much. The participants lost an average of 14.9% in body weight, without a special diet, without an exercise routine, and without additional medication. These results show that without much effort, taking Semaglutide one time per week can have favorable results for just about anyone. Additional benefits of taking Semaglutide weekly was also shown to improve cardiometabolic health, which includes a reduction in insulin resistance and a reduction in metabolic disorder and less risk for cardiovascular disease.

Semaglutide is FDA approved for Type 2 diabetes for weight management and is being used to help the disease’s growth and progression. Although Semaglutide is not a “lose a pound a day” weight loss miracle as we see daily on advertisements, it is a safe and proven method to losing weight and improving our metabolic health.

The medical staff at Vitality have found that Semaglutide to be just as effective as most other weight loss medications, if not more. We highly recommend Semaglutide to our patients that want to lose weight, and improve their heart health. The best part is that our Semaglutide is 30-50% less than purchasing at a Retail Pharmacy.  Join 100,000+ men & women who have found Vitality to be a reliable weight loss partner, helping each one to look and feel better. 

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