Vitamin Shots

Being malnourished does not always mean that we have a poor diet or not eating enough. It can also mean that we are not absorbing enough of a specific mineral or vitamin. This can occur in our digestive tract from a lack of digestive enzymes, an intolerance towards certain foods or we are simply eating the wrong foods. This is very common and the very reason why we offer the best in prescription grade vitamin shots. Our patients typically see fast results with an increase of energy, stamina, balanced moods and other benefits as soon as the first injection. Now shipping our Vitamin Shot packages to the lower 48 states. Contact us today for more information!

The challenge lies in the fact that our health, energy and mental state can be reliant on what nutrients we absorb. Our overall health can hang on the hinges of just a handful of minerals that we are deficient in, even if we are taking plenty. For example, when we are sick, taking in a larger amount of Vitamin C can help our body naturally fight the illness. However, the digestive tract is not always friendly to large amounts of Vitamin C. Another example is Vitamin B12 is one of the most common deficiencies. But, for most of us, we just cannot get enough from food or we don’t absorb B12 tablets well enough. But, a simple Vitamin B injection can immediately fill a void by replenishing the body with a sufficient amount in a few minutes.

Injections vs. Oral Supplements

There are a handful of products that are better when taken orally. For example, if you are having intestinal pain, there are products that just work better and have offer fast benefits. However, when it comes to overall health and vitality, injection or shot therapy takes the prize more often than not. When taking a supplement orally, it has to pass thru the stomach, into the small intestine where it is to be absorbed and delivered into the bloodstream. This series of events relies on many systems performing at their best, or the absorption process will be interrupted and nutrients will pass onto the large intestine instead of into the bloodstream.

There is no comparison between vitamin injections and oral supplements. When you take an injection, it bi-passes the digestive tract and often can enter the bloodstream in minutes without dilution. This allows for a much larger dose to be delivered to necessary areas of the body without interruption and without delay. Even taking a small dose via injection can have a significant boost in mineral levels compared to the same thing taken orally. This is why we offer specific injections as they are extremely effective, easy to take and are much more effective than oral supplements.

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Here is a list of our current options for Vitamin Shots:

Vitamin B12


4-8 week supply of high potency B12

Vitamin B-Complex


4-8 week supply of high potency B Vitamins

Fat Burner and B12 Combo


4-8 week supply of a high potency blend of fat burner minerals and B12

Super Cocktail


4-6 supply of high potency Fat Burner and B-Complex shots

Kenalog Allergy Shots


Eliminate or reduce allergy issues Fast! Stop the sneezing and reduce nasal inflammation for months.

**Shots are only available by phone order basis and walk-in shots are no longer available. All of our vitamin shots and injections are made by a licensed pharmacist here in the US. Shipping is included Free when shipped to Arizona and $20 to all other states.