Where to buy HCG?

There are thousands of stores, both online and local that offer HCG. Many of them carry a product that has been made in China, Mexico or Canada. It is difficult to tell the actual source of HCG since the label may appear to be a US manufacturer. Another challenge has always been if the product was actually made from real HCG or just another watered down version. These mystery products can be dangerous since there is no telling what is inside. The small HCG bottles are most commonly known to have no supplemental value whatsoever. Not only can these products make you sick, they can be a waste of money.

Over the years, our medical group has treated thousands of men and women for weight loss and obesity. It was common to find that many of our patients had previously tried a mystery bottle of HCG which had little or no effect on their weight loss. Those that lost weight gained it back just as fast as they lost it in the first place. The common denominator was that these patients lost weight due to the low calorie diet that accompanied the HCG drops. If the product they used had real HCG, there would of been greater weight loss and they would of been healthier. This taught us a great deal about what works and what doesnt in regards to HCG.

Our conclusion was easy. We simply needed to manufacturer a real HCG product that has additional ingredients to boost weight loss and increase the chances of keeping the weight off. After a few years, we came up with a recipe and produced our product in an FDA approved facility. This was important to us since this meant that the overhead of each bottle produced would cost us more. The production process was less than simple. We first stripped out the hormone molecules to comply with new HCG regulations. Fortunately it is not responsible for the weight loss effects but for hormonal balancing which liquid HCG is not ideal for anyway. Next we added specific Amino Acids to help support weight loss instead of muscle loss. During and after the process, random lab testing and eventually field testing was necessary to ensure our product is safe and effective. This process sets our HCG apart from more than 95% of the products found on the market today.

We are proud of our professional grade HCG since it has stood the test of time and has been shipped to many foreign countries. So, where to buy HCG? Of course we recommend our blend, but here is a simple checklist in case you are shopping elsewhere:

1 – Is it professional grade?  If you are not buying from a medical clinic, it is neither. For example, we cannot carry and recommend any non-professional grade product to our patients.

2 – Is it really made in the US?  Just because the label looks genuine, does not mean it is. Again, if you buying your product from an unknown or mystery source. It is likely from overseas.

3 – Is it really cheap?  This is a good question because a real HCG product is not cheap. If it is, you can rest assured that it is not from a reliable source

We offer our 30 day supply of HCG, which includes a Dr Simeons diet booklet for $49.

For only $79, you can purchase a 90 day supply. Normally $149.

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GC1Garcinia Cambogia is an effective natural fat burner and weight loss aid. Publicized by Dr Oz, we have found success recommending Garcinia to our patients. A fruit found in Asia, Garcinia can help to break down fat consumed in every day meals. We have also found that many are less hungry when taking Garcinia 30-60 minutes prior to a meal.


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