Joint Pain Therapy

Prolotherapy injections – Nonsurgical joint therapy for chronic pain.

Prolotherapy (proliferative therapy) is an effective treatment for strengthening joints weakened by sports injuries, surgery, trauma or over-use. When ligaments or tendons are stretched or torn, the joint becomes unstable. Ligaments and tendons are the structural rubber bands that provide stability to the joints. Prolotherapy injections can repair the weakened sites and produce healthy new ligament and tendon tissue, resulting in stabilization of the joint and permanent pain relief.

Studies have shown prolotherapy to be up to 90% effective for resolving most back pain, neck pain, tension headaches, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash injuries, TMJ, sciatica, sports injuries, tendonitis, torn ligaments and tendons (including ACL, and rotator cuff injuries), and meniscus tears. Prolotherapy can also help patients wanting to avoid surgeries or can help post surgical conditions where the ligaments and tendons have not completely healed. Prolotherapy compared to surgery is usually about 1/6th of the cost, with no down time and lost wages.

After a thorough examination and consultation, the doctor accurately injects a non-toxic proliferative agent into the damaged tissue. This injection causes a temporary therapeutic inflammation which initiates the body to strengthen and repair the weakened tissue.

Areas treated are: Ankle, Knee, Hip, Lower Back, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder

Introductory Prolotherapy Pricing

$195 for a consultation and treatment of a single joint (standard price is $395)

$150 for following treatments, per joint (standard price of $295)

$100 for 2nd or 3rd area (standard price of $195)

$50 premium for back treatments

Although the response varies, the average number of treatments is 3-6 or more. It will depend on the area treated, the amount of damage to the tissue and the overall health of the patient. Trust your joint pain with an experienced physician. Call Vitality today to schedule your Prolotherapy appointment.