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Canada’s challenge with Obesity

We ship Free to Canada for all orders $49 and above. Canada has its fair share of health problem like the rest of the world. The 2007-2009 Canadian Health Measures Survey concluded that more than 60% of adults were overweight or obese, with a breakdown of 24% being overweight, and 37% obese. Canadians have experienced a growing pattern in obesity over the past decade, especially the last 30 years becoming an epidemic. If this growth continues, half of Canadians over age 40 will be obese within 25 years. Canadians, now at the ages 20-39 years have the BMI that people at the age of 40 or older had thirty years ago.

Obesity can cause heart disease, anxiety, depression, bone/joint complications, arthritis, diabetes and more. Not only does obesity bring health consequences to its victims, it is a serious drain on the Canadian economy with an expense of 3.96 billion each year!

Good News for Canada

Vitality Med Spa has a solution for those in Canada seeking for relief from being overweight. We offer the popular HCG program but have taken it a step further. HCG is a successful option to help the body use fat stores as energy, instead of relying on a high caloric intake, which most of us have. HCG is combined with a low calorie diet that is specifically designed to allow the fat to be utilized, without compromising muscle mass. Our HCG drops are very easy to take and have a success rate of 80%+. This special formulation was created by a weight loss doctor and has been shipped all over the world with consistent results and safety to those that have participated.

Our patients lose weight with a reduced appetite with our HCG.

We can ship you a 30-day supply (one bottle) of our HCG to Canada for only $49 per bottle, with Free shipping. Most packages arrive within 5-10 days of ordering. Buy additional bottles at only $20 each.


SHL_HCG-Plus_Drop_LgOur blend contains natural ingredients for weight loss, and energy. While others simply offer a watered down version of HCG or a generic copy, our clinical product works. Patients who have used both have noted that the generic and mystery drops could not compare to our medical grade drops. They had lost weight with a decreased appetite, not to mention and increase in energy with improved metabolism. Additionally, many patients have noted that although they lost significant weight, they often felt the effects of the supporting ingredients were more than the HCG! Without a thorough approach to weight loss and overall health, it is common for people to gain the weight back with other products. Our form of HCG can help address the underlining causes of weight loss, not just help you lose weight for a couple of months.

Most patients lose weight successfully while combining our product with the Dr Simeons HCG Diet protocol.

Why our HCG is different:

  • Does not rely on HCG alone, but  other ingredients for overall health and wellness
  • Made with higher potency ingredients, requiring less drops, less frequently each day
  • It is the only product that is formulated by a Doctor who has treated thousands of men and women
  • Made in  the US with high quality standards and no fillers

Each bottle provides a 30 day supply and includes a professionally written booklet with diet and program instructions. The Canada HCG weight loss solution is simple to understand and is backed by years of success.

Only $49 for the first bottle (30 day supply), and $20 for additional bottles. Free shipping to your home in Canada is included.

Special Offer:

Order a 60 day supply of HCG Drops and receive a FREE bottle of our clinical grade Garcinia Cambogia and we will ship for Free to Canada!

GC1Garcinia Cambogia is an effective natural fat burner and weight loss aid. Publicized by Dr Oz, we have found success recommending Garcinia to our patients. A fruit found in Asia, Garcinia can help to break down fat consumed in every day meals. We have also found that many are less hungry when taking Garcinia 30-60 minutes prior to a meal.


Combine HCG and Garcinia for best results!


30 Day Supply Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Drops 60 Day Supply Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Drops 90 Day Supply Dr. Simeons Weight Loss Drops


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